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graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate

Its pur pose is to provide a non-commercial environment within which experts can freely discuss future issues in cardiovascular medicine and consider the merits of newdiagnostics and treatment techniques. Te CRT is concerned that a new epidemic of car- diovascular disease CVD is gaining ground in Euro- pe as a result of the growing prevalence of metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, and comes at a time when support for innovation in cardiovascular medicine is waning.

Te opinions expressed in this article are not nece- ssarily those of the Editors of the European Heart Jour- nal or of the European Society of Cardiology. Te epidemic represents a massive challenge in ter- ms of managing avoidable disease and death, but it is also a huge opportunity for EU universities, compani- es, and healthcare providers to be at the forefront of a global response.

graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate

A combination of innovation and prevention educa- tion campaigns is clearly needed. Investment to deve- lop new treatments to combat the epidemic is, however, under threat from falling margins, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector. Tis scenario will result in Europes healthcare sys- tems facing spiralling cost increases, while patients may not receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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Europe could lose its leading position in cardiovascu- lar-related research, science, and manufacturing just when emerging economies will have most need to pay for innovation. Without decisive action, the CRT forecasts far-rea- ching social and economic consequences for Europe as the new epidemic takes hold. Already a major drain on national budgets, the outlook is likely to worsen con- siderably if lef unchecked.

Te social im- pact of disability, hospitalization, informal care arra n- ge ments, and premature deaths on family units can not be measured but will inevitably have a major negative im pact.

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A sustained period of reduced investment could also precipitate a rapid decline in Europes cardiovascular innovation and pharmaceutical industry, and lower its scientifc and commercial graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate.

At risk is the ma- jor direct and indirect contribution 2 eco nomy, export performance, and employment. Such a scenario would also damage Europes ability to res- pond to the inevitable increase in global demand for new CVD treatments, drugs, and techniques.

In making these predictions, the CRT does not seek to be alarmist. Published on behalf of the European Society of Cardiology.

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All rights reserved. For permissions please email: journals.

Te CRTs objective in writing this article is to raise the pro fle of patient needs and ensure that due considera- tion is given to closing the innovation gap.

While this article does not specifcally address pre- vention education, theCRTfrmly endorses the poten- tial forawareness campaigns.

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Tese play a major role in infuencing the lifestyle choices that lower risk exposu- re to CVD and metabolic conditions. Te power of pre- vention strategies was well demonstrated by a study 3 the North Karelia region of Finland in which commu- nications were integrated with primary healthcare alongside collaboration fromthe food industry.


It remains Europes leading kil- ler despite scientifc advances that have arrestedand even reversedthe steep year-on-year mortality incre- ase that used to characterize CVD statistics 5 measure, the global fght against CVD has been very successful. As positi- ve as this scenario is, CVD remains by far the leading cause of death and the new epidemic has the potential to threaten the advances made to date.

graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate

Te same US re- search shows that increased life expectancy due to im- proved cancer therapies is only ~3 months Figure 1. Now, however, Europe is facing a series of emerging trends related to cardiovascular health that could thre- aten to overwhelm healthcare systems. Te rapidly age- ing European population is a factor that creates signi- fcant problems with many long-term implications.

Even if the current graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate of di- seases in these age groups remain static, graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate millions more Europeans will sufer from CVD.

Tere has been a dramatic rise in the detection of cardio-metabolic disorders such as diabetes, while obe- sity is also a major concern 7 tes Federation reports thatover 50 millionadults in the EU have diabetes and that this number will grow to 64 million by Te incidence of atherosclerosisrelated CVD is expected to accelerate and adverse lifestyle factors such as poor exercise regimes, high fat and sugar diets, and alcohol and tobacco consumption continue to present major risks, especially in the younger population.

Tese fndings clearly put pressure on those making investment decisions to ensure the best returns Figure 3. Its research indicates that the ratio of new molecular entities NMEs at pre-clinical development to those that eventually make it through to product approval has increased from to Tis trend is repeated at all stages of development and appears to show a kill policy at the frst sign of risk.

graham elliot bowles pierdere în greutate